Prima Membership Application

In our effort to enhance the standards of ethics and professionalism in the entertainment industry, we welcome Independent Model & Talent Directors to apply for PRIMA membership. PRIMA membership provides a supportive network, growth and service opportunities, which are of great benefit to us individually and to our businesses.

Please review the application, and contact our current president, Leslie Turner (, by email if you have questions.

How to Join PRIMA

Model & Talent Directors wanting to join PRIMA are requested to complete the application form.

All applications are processed by the Membership Committee and Board of Directors, who in turn, pass it on to the general membership for final approval.

PRIMA Benefits

Membership Application Form

To be considered for PRIMA membership two (2) entertainment industry related references are required that are active and easily recognizable and who are not working for you in your company. One reference must be from a casting director, producer, studio executive, licensed agent, or entertainment attorney.

Mail one copy of the printed application form (below) along with a formal request for membership on your business letterhead. Enclose a business card, membership fee check and a stamped self-addressed envelope.

If you include two reference letters with your cover letter, this will speed your membership process. If there are no reference letters, please list the names, company and phone numbers on this application after the following information.

PRIMA Membership Fee

Annual membership is $250.00

Your membership fee must be submitted with your application. If your application is not accepted for any reason a full refund will be returned within 30 days. Checks should be made payable to PRIMA Talent Group.

Please mail a copy of your completed application (below), a formal request for membership on your letterhead, a business card, a stamped self-addressed envelope and your check to:

PRIMA Talent Group
c/o Janet Ryan
Models Melange
2720 N Camino Valle Verde
Tucson, AZ 85715

PRIMA Member Responsibilities

Being a member of PRIMA means that you agree to abide by our code of ethics, attend at least one annual event or meeting throughout the year, and become an active member of at least one committee.

PRIMA places great importance and value on the honesty and ethical standards of its membership. If at any time, it is found that this application contains deliberately false or misleading information, the Board of Directors and/or the membership of PRIMA Talent Group shall have the right to terminate the membership of the applicant/member and the applicant/member will forfeit 100% of the initiation fee. Your signature on the application will signify that you have agreed to these terms.

The fee for associate membership is $250.00. New members pay in full for the first year, regardless of date membership is attained. Annual dues of $250.00 are payable no later than January 1st of each year.

Enclose a check made out to PRIMA Talent Group in the amount of $250.00 and understand that by submitting an application and by mailing a cover note/letter, you are signing to agree to all of the above terms for membership to PRIMA and understand that payment will be refunded if you are not accepted for Membership, within 30 days.

PRIMA By-Laws & Code of Ethics

  1. A network of model and talent managers, agencies and development centers from across North America who have banded together to form the PRIMA team of industry professionals. By joining forces, these locally owned entertainment companies have created a larger and stronger force to discover, promote, develop, and book the future superstars of the industry. PRIMA members promote and encourage the highest standards of professional ethics and behavior in the entertainment industry. By receiving membership approval by PRIMA, an industry professional subscribes to the established code of ethics mutual to PRIMA.
  2. Membership in PRIMA shall be limited to independent (non-franchise) model and talent managers, agencies and development centers.
  3. Executive Board (President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer) elected for two year terms.
  4. Ethics Committee consisting of 3 members elected for two year terms.
  5. Associate Member Dues is $250 per agency due January 1st of every year. A $50 late fee applies to ANY member not paid by January 1st of each year, no exceptions. Members not up to date with membership dues will not be allowed to participate in LA & NY meetings nor the special callbacks.
  6. Membership shall be limited to the principals (owners) and shall not extend to staff, nor shall membership be transferable without re-application.
  7. Territorial Exclusivity – There will be only one PRIMA member in each market. “A market” shall be defined as 100 mile radius.
  8. Code of Ethics – In order to maintain a credible and prestigious organization, PRIMA members must comply with, uphold and enforce the code of ethics stated below:
  9. It is the ambition of the PRIMA to use the PRIMA name and logo as a symbol of the highest quality and credibility in the industry. In order to make this possible, each member must comply with the PRIMA Code of Ethics. Members not in compliance shall be deleted from PRIMA membership as determined by the Ethics Committee.

  10. PRIMA members are required to keep confidential all members’ discussions, votes, business practices, pricing, ideas and deliberations.
  11. Meetings – PRIMA shall convene three (3) meetings each year, to be held as follows:
  12. Voting – PRIMA member in good standing (including but not limited to satisfied dues, obligations and annual meeting participation) shall have one vote in all PRIMA decisions. A simple majority vote is required. In case of ties, the Executive Board will deliberate and cast one (1) vote to break the tie. Voting by proxy is allowed and a time limit of 7 days to respond will be enforced.

PRIMA_MemApp (pdf)

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