What is PRIMA?

A network of model and talent managers, agencies and development centers from across North America who have banded together to form the PRIMA team of industry professionals.

By joining forces, these locally owned entertainment companies have created a larger and stronger force to discover, promote, develop, and book future superstars of the industry. PRIMA members throughout North America are now sharing thousands of faces, discovering new talent in cities large and small, and using their associations to make themselves competitive in this industry, which was formerly dominated by franchises and large corporations.

PRIMA members promote and encourage the highest standards of professional ethics and behavior in the entertainment industry. By receiving membership approval by PRIMA, an industry professional subscribes to the established code of ethics mutual to PRIMA.

PRIMA presents a unique opportunity for current and aspiring models, actors, singers and dancers in cities large and small to work with a trustworthy local company and receive the benefits of big city/worldwide development and management.

Organizations in cities across North America have come together to form the strongest modeling network in the world. 

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